Xbox One November update includes Google Assistant and much more

Microsoft is rolling out Xbox One November Update on 15th November 2019. And the surprise is that the November update comes with Google Assistant, improved gamer tags, and many more features.

The most significant and amazing part of the November upgrade is the addition of Google Assistant, which means that the Xbox One users will be able to control their Consoles’ at the command of their voice. The users will be able to control their consoles, videos, apps, and games with just their command. And all one has to do is to say, “Hey, Google, can you ……”

Yes! You’ve read it just fine. Although rumor’s about the addition of Google Assistant had been in the air for quite some time, and obviously, many of the users saw it coming. The November update doesn’t include Google Assistant only. Microsoft has much more in its update bag for its users’ and has undoubtedly didn’t let their hopes down.

The update includes an upgraded version of Gamertags. Gamertags are the unique names that gamers use for their online avatars, especially in online Multiplayer games. And Microsoft has added 13 new alphabet characters that can be used by gamers for designing their Gamertags. And it’s not necessary at all that users have to change or design new tags for them. They can use their previous tags perfectly fine if they want to, although new cool Gamertags are always better!

And with new characters for Gamertags, there will be a new way to search your friends and partners online known as People Search. This new feature enables users to search for people with awry Gamertags.

Another feature that the update covers is the all-new upgraded text filters. These filters are divided into four categories which are Friendly, Medium, Mature, and Unfiltered. ‘Friendly’ is the heaviest filter. This option will completely filter out all the potentially harmful and offensive languages, while ‘Unfiltered’ is just the opposite of it. It doesn’t filter any text or messages and delivers you the text message of the other party just as it is with no filtration or whatsoever.

While ‘Medium’ and ‘Mature’ enables the users to decide how much filtering they want on the text message, image, videos, animated content in the message requests from the people not on their friends’ list. And the messages that will be more offensive than the selected level will be automatically hidden from the users. Also, the users can set these filters as per their desire.

Another feature that comes in the bag of November update is Mixer improvements, which enable the users to move the chatbox right and left around on the screen and even hide it if they want.

In order to improve the voice-to-text dictation, several languages have also been included in the update. Languages such as Spanish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Japanese, and Chinese. Although the update only covers the languages mentioned above at the moment. But the users can certainly expect more additional languages in the coming updates and months.

The users can install the November update through the setting of their Xbox One to crave their excitement, or they can just patiently wait for the updates to get installed automatically as scheduled by the device.

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