Reportedly Carpe Donktum, the popular meme smith suspended by Twitter

Carpe Donktum, the very popular meme smith, has been temporarily suspended by Twitter. The unclarified matter of this led to the thoughts wander in many aspects and everywhere, just when his account got restored, and he confirmed that it was due to copyright infringement and nothing else.

Carpe Donktum, the famous meme smith is the one who finds humor in politics and has grown widely popular in making memes regarding politics and politicians and is a pro-trump meme maker and claims sarcasm is his part of the bio. He is a lover of comedy and is entirely into hilarious stuff since all the time.

He says he loves comedy, and he still feels that memes and meme videos are still a powerful source to convey a powerful piece of information. He is someone who feels, writing down 200 worded message and conveying that through a few seconds video is far better.

His creativity was always much applauded by many, and the US President Donald Trump himself has shared a few of his works in his twitter handle, and this totally proves his claim of having the comedic minds. He is an all-time great supporter of the President, and he started taking an interest in politics by 2015, which he thinks to be the start of Hilary Clinton and the end of Obama’s reign.

He is the one who has set up a website called and implies this is a simple site and has been made an interactive website where people and friends can post their created works too. This website has the memes which are maybe not allowable on Twitter or Facebook.

He is the one who strictly does not appreciate the “left of the politics”, meaning the ones who do not support Trump and claims that shows a lot of violence and sexualism, which is regarded as nothing but being angry. This was all he had put forth his opinions and thoughts regarding the Meme Warfare, and he is pretty frank that no one is jumping down into any sort of war mode, but it is also something which is put into the mode of war.

This October 14, he was temporarily suspended in twitter after he twitted a tweet claiming “Clearly satirical” over a short video where it depicted how Donald Trump is combating the journalists and critics in front of his.

This video was actually made by a friend and contributor of, TheGeekzTeam where a scene from the movie Kingsman: the secret service was taken and the Kingsman character was used with the face of Trump and other characters with media and critics. The scene was about how the character manages to kill them. This showed or depicted the situation of how Trump was reacting to his opponents and critics and journalists in the Miami resort last week.

Suspension of Donktum’s Twitter handle was heavily speculated, and Twitter did not react or feel it necessary to give reasons for the suspension upon which there started many anticipations. Later, Donktum on reimbursed handle posted a live video saying “I am back” and also was claiming to be suspended five minutes after posting a video regarding CNN and its narration of politics.

Carpe Donktum, whose real name is Logan Cook, has self-claimed himself to be an eternally sarcastic meme smith, and also, he specializes in pro-Trump memes supporting Donald j. Trump. President Trump himself also shared his video in which democrats were shown inattentive during the 2019 State of Union Address in his twitter account.

Cook was also one of the guests who was invited to the Trump administration’s Social media summit this year. The videos and such deep instigating news is believed to play a major role in the 2020 elections for which the Internet has always been highly speculated and on high alert.

He has henceforth reinstated with his Twitter account an hour later the suspension, and the only reason the company stated his for his suspension was copyright infringement.

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