Tesla showcases its first “Cybertruck”, starting at $39,900

Tesla has always been pushing for electric vehicles. Right from 2008, when it launched its first electric car named Model S, Tesla has been introducing electric vehicles. Now, the CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, plans to launch the company’s first electric pickup truck. It is denoted as “Cybertruck”. This is expected to start hitting the roads sometime towards the end of 2021. 

The Cybertruck was showcased by Musk at an event in Los Angeles, California. There would be three variants to this Cybertruck: the first one with a range of 250 miles, the second one with a range of 300 miles, and the third one with a range of 500 miles. The prices for this are expected to start at $39,900. The company is already accepting preorders for Cybertruck on its website, which can be done at Tesla.com/cybertruck. 

How tough is this Cybertruck from the outside?

Musk is always known for his unique ways of demonstrating the features of Tesla vehicles. According to him, Cybertruck is capable of withstanding hits from a sledgehammer. In order to demonstrate this, he called upon the stage the Tesla chief of design Frank Von Holzhausen, who hammered the door of Cybertruck several times with a sledgehammer. And not even a dent was observed on the external body of the truck. 

According to Musk, Cybertruck is built-up in such a manner that it is also bulletproof. The Cybertruck was also put up in a tug-of-war event against Ford F150, in which the winner was obviously the former one. The truck was also pitted against Porsche 911, in which the winner again was Cybertruck.

The only section where Cybertruck did not fare as expected was when Musk tried to demonstrate the shatter resistance of its “armoured-glass” windowpane. Musk made Holzhausen hurl a metallic ball on its window panes and was taken by surprise when both the window panes got shattered. Thus to conclude, as of now, Cybertruck would not resist a metal ball, especially if it is hurled from a closer range. 

What are the three variants of the truck?

There are three variants of the truck:

  1. The first variant of Cybertruck has a range coverage of about 250 miles. It comes with a single motor. It is a rear-wheel-drive vehicle. It comes with a towing capacity of 7500 pounds. Its speed is about 0-60 mph in approximately 6.5 seconds. It comes with a price of $39,990. 
  2. The second of its variety comes in with dual motors. This one is an all-wheel-drive vehicle. Its range is about 300 miles. It has a towing capability of about 10000 pounds. Again, its speed is 0-60 mph in about 4.5 seconds. This one is priced at $49,900.
  3. The third variant has three motors. It has a range of about 500 miles and a towing capacity of about 14000 pounds. Again, this is an all-wheel-drive type of vehicle. This one would come with a speed of 0-60 mph in about 2.9 seconds. The price of this variant of Cybertruck is expected to be $69,900. However, it will not be coming onboard anytime sooner than the end of 2022.

Exteriors and interiors of Cybertruck

The interior of Cybertruck is such that six adults can sit comfortably inside the truck. Its exterior body is made up of stainless steel- one which is ultra-hard 30X cold-rolled. Its body is capable of withstanding hits from a sledgehammer, which was quite evident from the demo shown by Musk. It also comes with an armored glass window; however, Musk feels that this area needs to be worked upon as it got shattered by a metal ball in the demo.

The length of the truck’s vault measures 6.5 inches. It comes with a 4-inch suspension, and this can be in any direction. At the center of the dashboard, there is a 17-inch touchscreen. By looking at the images of the interior, one could probably feel that there is a lot of unfinished business out there. The dashboard is probably made of Formica, though nothing of this sort has been stated. 

Musk has been planning for a pickup truck for quite a few years now. In 2012 itself, he had tweeted this idea of a Tesla pickup truck. He confirmed this idea sometime in 2013. In fact, Musk had made a master plan in 2016 in which he had mentioned about the same. 

Ultimately, sometime in April 2017, Musk had stated that the pickup truck would be shaping up in a time span of about 18 to 24 months. And then in 2018, Musk had revealed that the truck resembled somewhat like “Blade-runner” pick up truck. 

The Cybertruck would only be adding up to the list of electric vehicles produced by Tesla, which is quite famous for its EV production. At present, no pickup trucks are existing in the market. However, this scenario might change by the time Cybertruck actually steps into the scene. 

Among the other electric vehicles that enter the market are Ford’s F-150 and General Motors’ all-electric pickup vehicles. General Motors has stated that this will be coming only around 2021. An EV startup named Rivian is all set to launch its first electric pick up around the end of 2020. This startup is supported by both Ford and Amazon. 

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