Microsoft planning to introduce Quick Search on Windows 10 with their new build

Windows is back with its new update making search faster and easier for the fast pace generation. The new Windows 10 Search Home design shows off a new feature called Quick search. This new feature consists of four tabs at the very bottom for the weather, news, today and history, and movies in that order.

The new design also features some more modifications, but they are not as noticeable as the former one. Microsoft also decided to kill the Skip ahead ring for the Windows Insiders. For those who don’t know what Skip Ahead ring is, this was a feature that allowed users to try out the preview builds of the operating system of varying quality at different stages of development.

Now the company has killed off the feature altogether. Through the feature, users were able to get a feel for the new builds, but that meant they had to deal with the unstable buggy code, problematic updates, and more. After killing the feature, all the users who were using the Skip Ahead ring were automatically brought back to the Fast ring.

The changes were made on Build version 19018 but are available on all the versions from versions 1809 to version 20H1. It seems Microsoft is going all out because these are not the only changes that have been introduced with the build. The new build also fixes the issues that resulted in a black screen. Setting apps reportedly were hanging or crashing while accessing the system in the earlier build; the new build also claimed to have fixed that issue.

Earlier, whenever a new picture was synced down from the cloud, the old one disappeared from the listing. Also, earlier, the Windows update history showed an error for a failed update when the update was successful. The new build fixed all these issues along with multiple problems that arose with Cortona, such as not responding to Hey Cortona, result in Cortona not being visible on the taskbar until PC was made to restart. The new build also deals with the issue that made exe use an unexpectedly high amount of CPU threads.

Microsoft’s new build has resolved many issues that were previously reported by Windows users, but the new release has brought some issues of its own too. Due to changes in the operating system, BattlEye and Microsoft have encountered some incompatibility issues and certain versions of BattlEye anti-cheat software.

While Microsoft is working on the issue, the company has put a compatibility hold on the devices that have the versions already installed. Another issue is that the settings are still not available for some Insiders outside of launching via URI, and some users are also experiencing some inconsistencies with their printer drivers. Microsoft is working hard to resolve the issues that are being reported.

Another thing that users need to beware of is that you need to complete the first login of a prior build before attempting to download and install, or else you will experience a two-hour wait before a new build can be installed.

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