Is macOS Catalina eating up users’ emails within the Apple mail?

Recently, macOS (an Apple desktop OS designed for Macintosh computers) has released another version named macOS Catalina, whose version is 10.15. Previously, this was known as macOS Mojave. And apparently, this software update from Mojave to Catalina is not smooth and bug-free. According to certain reports, a section of users’ email messages is performing a ‘disappearing-act’ within the Apple Mail.

What are the problems with macOS Catalina?

AppleInsider believes that this issue mainly occurs when email messages are traversing or moving between different mailboxes. This action is reportedly causing the body of the mail to disappear totally, leaving only the header. As a result of this, when a server mailbox receives this mail, devices that connect to this particular server to receive emails perceive the particular message as a blank one. In other words, the mail becomes invisible. This problem also noticed when an attempt is made to sync mails with other devices. There are certain situations wherein there is absolutely no trace of the email message within the Apple mail at all.

Problems are even being reported during email data backups. The mail server may not be able to download the complete mail data, leading to loss of emails. Email messages can even go missing during the process of data restoration from an archived email data. Technically, it may not be able to restore the complete mail information, because there is a continuous change in mail data. 

Michael Tsai, the developer of plug-ins like EagleFiler and SpamSieve for Apple Mail, has highlighted some of the issues that have been encountered so far with macOS Catalina in a blog post. He feels people should refrain from using this latest Catalina update until these problems are resolved, and the upgrade starts functioning smoothly again. 

Despite the problems encountered during email data backup, Tsai advises that it is always wise to take email backups. Apparently, Apple Support feels that lost mail data from Catalina cannot be recovered entirely from a time machine backup created through macOS Mojave. However, according to Tsai, this may not be the case. The File->>Import Mailboxes option in the menu bar can import selected mails to the Catalina mailbox. 

Added features in this update

What are the latest add-ons in macOS Catalina upgrade? This new update adds new features to the Apple Mail of which, one of them is muting of email threads. For instance, if a particular email thread is very busy, the user can mute it if he wants to. Also, if someone wants to block messages from a specific person or sender, they will have an option for the same in this latest version.

Effects of this bug

The macOS Catalina upgrade actually might not have affected many users. It can be ascertained from the fact the beta versions of this software are in use for the last four months. In this time span, very few people have encountered this problem. 

Tsai also feels that this issue can be something to do with the servers used by Apple. There may even be an issue with the Mac. In short, the problem could be a generalized one. They may not be specifically related to the Apple Mail at all. More information and details regarding the same are awaited from Apple in a few days. 

Although Apple specifically has not yet given any comments regarding these issues, it would definitely take the required corrective actions to sort out these problems. We can all hope that the next release of macOS Catalina is free of all these bugs. Apple, after all, always strives to offer the best. It would not want any of its users to lose any of their messages or data.

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