John Legere’s journey as T-Mobile CEO has founded its stop!

John Legere will be stepping down as the T-Mobile CEO on May 1 2020. Well for all those who don’t know what exactly is going on here, let’s drive into a bit history of it.

T-Mobile is a Telecommunication company, which explains the shortened form of the company based in the US. It is the third-largest wireless network operator of the United States after AT&T and Verizon. And it was also the first company to initiate the campaign of, “5G for Good”. And John Legere is the current CEO of T-Mobile Company, well not for long though! John Legere will be succeeded by COO Mike Sievert.

This piece of info was officially released after ‘T-Mobile’s merger with Sprint’ deal worth $26 billion was approved by FCC this month. Although the deal still has clear some of the Legal oppositions and is scheduled to go under a trial next month. Well, according to John, this motion “has been under development for a long time.”

Well, here’s what he exactly tweeted! “I’ve got some important news! On May 1, I’ll be handing the magenta CEO reigns over to @SievertMike as my successor. This move has been under development for a long time and I couldn’t be more confident in the future of @TMobile under his leadership.”

But it seems that John happens to be in huge demand. Why? Well, according to some rumours, he was up for consideration as the CEO of ‘WeWork’. But later he cleared on a call that he had, “no plans” of anything such. And that, “I want to be clear, I was never having discussions to run WeWork”. He also said, “I’m not retiring. I’m sure there will be speculation, and unfortunately, a lot of it will happen prematurely.”

Well, Sievert Mike has always been the most popular and accepted choice as the CEO successor because John has always been famous and mocked upon for the way he directed his sarcastic comments and mockeries over his competitors. But on the other side, Mike has always portrayed an opposite image of John. It seemed to be more amenable when appeared for executive appearance along with John Legere. 

Although John Legere Contract is valid till April 30 2020. But it seems like he still isn’t up for it or is in denial for he tweeted on Monday morning, 

“I’m not going anywhere soon. This is all part of a multi-year plan and until April 30, I’ll continue as CEO, focusing on a smooth transition and getting our merger with Sprint done for America.”

The company also officially said that John would remain as one of the members of board directors even after the expiry of his contract. So it looks like it is not the end of his journey which he started back in 2012.

Yup, John Legere has been working as the CEO of T-Mobile for the past seven years. He was the one who initiated several strategies to grow the company’s wireless subscriber’s community. Also, to add on to his merits and contribution, John was the one to make the collaboration between the iPhone and the company a success. The current merger deal between T-Mobile and Sprint was also initiated by him, which is expected to be done by 2020.

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