Google Files rolls out new feature; you can now cast your local media to Chromecast

Google Files has come up with the update, which happens to be a new feature in the latest 1.0.27 version of the application that has made the casting of media onto your big screen way easier. This helped the application to be cast on the Chromecast and big smart televisions.

The basic function that Google Files have been doing since the beginning is, freeing up space, and in this process, it helps in cleaning up the junk, like the unwanted files. These are those performances that help in clearing the cache and boosts the mobile device’s or tablet’s performance by optimization.

The next function which Google files have been performing is it helped in finding the files at a faster pace. Google files have their algorithms and processes that helps browse a file in your storage and find everything even with no expertise in file management. Other than that, it performs file sharing where you can send pictures, videos, and helps in transferring large files or other application APKs. These things are shared via a direct WIFI network with a high speed of 480 Megabytes per second.

Now with the new update, there is a new feature that was introduced through beta users of the application. During mid-September, Google had introduced the casting of the local files to Chromecast and the other devices which support casting. For those people who don’t have this direct idea regarding what a Chromecast is, it is a streaming media adapter that allows the users to play multimedia contents on devices that support casting. This content was earlier browsed from the Internet, and presently, with the new update, users can now use the application to cast their local multimedia from their storage onto the devices.

The feature which was only available for the beta users has now gone live, and to use the feature, you will have to dive into the section where you will have to select your targeted media which you would like to cast. Now, as far as the compatibility of the whole feature is concerned, this feature should be able to work with all the media you would typically want to play on Chromecast.

The working technologies behind the whole update have not been quite new. It would be much of a surprise but an already familiar thing, which was being used by several applications for years to cast the local media, and this helps you attain a straightforward official option. Through this, you can now, in a very easy way, cast your holiday images and videos on the big screen and have fun.

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