Google Assistant getting a huge speed boost

The new upgrade of Google Assistant consists of a new look in the Pixel phones. The voice assistant is going to be more useful than the previous generation. The new version promises different capabilities, it has been redesigned and upgraded to a noticeable speed. This means that the Google assistant will listen and respond to the commands more quickly and promptly.

With the fresh look, the Google Assistant will have a better understanding of the context of actions or information you command it to do. During the Google event, the company showed different and improved capabilities using the continued conversation feature.

One of the new Assistant features includes the ability to delete data using your voice. Google has been focusing on privacy concerns. You can actually set a time limit on how long your data activity remains on your Google account which is basically the record of all the Google services you use. The new tools will allow users to simply delete the collected data by asking the Assistant to delete it.

The speech processing is much more improved on Pixel 4 due to the deeper integration of the software. It processes information much more quickly to carry out all the actions. The update will first be made available for the Pixel phones and later on the Android One phones. It is still not clear if the older Android versions will receive the new Google Assistant upgrade. This was revealed in New York City during the Pixel 4 release event.

The new Google features were leaked before the actual event of Pixel 4 release thanks to the flood of leaked videos. Google claims that the new Google Assistant is going to be 10 times faster than the previous generation. The marketing videos and the leaked footages show us that Google Assistant is much faster and this was proved during the Pixel 4 demonstration.

The remarkable speed was impressive on stage and it also looked like you don’t necessarily have to use the catchphrase ‘ok Google’ or ‘hey Google’. But Google has not confirmed if this is a newly added feature or if it was just for the demonstration purposes.

During the demonstration, Google also showed us how you can share what is on the screen. For example, you could ask the Assistant to display pictures from your vacations, display them on the screen and simultaneously ask Google to share it with your family and friends.

In May, Google hinted about the next generation Assistant at the I/O event. In that event, Google stated that it has condensed the algorithm of Assistant so that it could locally run on Pixel 4 instead of using it through the cloud. Earlier it used to need over 100 GB of storage for the algorithms but apparently, it has been reduced to 500 MB. This makes it work relatively faster and there shall be no network latencies!

At the event on Tuesday Google confirmed the hands-free assistant activation for the new Pixel Buds. This makes it easier for you to ask for directions or to translate something. The upgraded processor will also allow the updated Google home mini to listen to the Assistant command faster.

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