‘Frozen 2’ breaks the record of even Lion King in the Box Office bagging around $350 within 5 days

The all-new animated movie, “Frozen 2” of the Disney has surely made its Christmas haul of this year. The movie has bagged around 350 USD in its first 5 days of streaming worldwide, making it the best movie of the Disney production.

This might come as a surprise to everybody, but around $1 billion has been bagged by Disney from the Chinese cinema this year for Frozen 2, whereas only $127 million was bagged from the United States. And the thing is even though nothing can’t beat the Original script of any story for that’s the root of any popular story like the Legendary Harry Potter series. Even today, no one can get much more fascinated by the first Movie series. But this saying or the ‘old wives tale’ might get proved wrong!

The movie has left the remake of “Lion King”, another Disney movie way behind in the race. For till Sunday, Lion King was the biggest worldwide record-breaker for Disney, and the very surprising part of this news is that the movie was just released four months back. Lion King earned about $249 million in 2019, breaking the record of ‘Toy Story 4’yet another animated movie of Disney. But the thing is “Frozen” or rather to say Anna and Elsa have knocked everyone out and came out to be the winner of the animated movie race of Disney with Blizzardy sparkly ice crystals. Well, Great track! Keep going, “Frozen 2”.

The film is not much different from its original storyline or cast either! The cast of the movie has much of the talents of the prequel. For the voices of the Elsa, Anna and Olaf have been mimicked by Idina Menzel (Elsa), Kristen Bell (Anna), and Josh Gad (Olaf). The same cast as that of the original movie, “Frozen” back in 2013. Like the prequel, the sequel is also directed by Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee. Well, talk about the legacy being carried on! Even the songwriters of the “Frozen 2” Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez are the same as back then. Although the same cannot be said about the music part of the movie.

And even the release of both the movies has been around the same. Because Frozen was released at the time of Thanksgiving back in 2013 while Frozen 2 has been released by Disney a bit ahead of Thanksgiving this year. Although the storyline does have a bit of enchanted yet there is a more magical twist to it than the prequel.

Just an honest question and honest comment; Everybody knows whether they accept it or not! But everybody knows that “Let it go” was an epic song that was revealed in Frozen. And part of the popular credit of the movie does go to it! Whosoever has heard it did watch the movie. Well, that just speculation on my part! For I did the same thing, and I guess Olaf would support me on this part. But what if their sequel exceeded the prequel on that part too? Of course, the Sequel “Frozen 2” did surpass the prequel in every aspect.

Why? You ask. Well, because as per CNET Patricia Puentes, who just got turned into a frozen fan after seeing the movie says that the sequel of Frozen streams an even more beautiful and heart-catching song than the Blizzardly magical, “Let it go”. I know it might be very hard to gulp it down, but that what the reviews of the movie say!

But as I said, Old is gold and that nothing can beat the original storyline of any series, “Frozen 2” has a Metacritic rating of 65 which far below the “Frozen” 2013 with a Metacritic rating of 74. And the original movie did make history in Box Office back then, arousing the popularity of Disney animated movie which had the world of two sisters’ revolving around each other. With their parent’s gone and only each other to rely too upon. You can taste love and loneliness from the movie with little innocence of Olaf. And the song, ‘Let it go’ showering the pockets of the Disney producers hitting a lot of merchandise of the same along with exotic dresses and tiaras of Elsa’s.

Still, Cathleen Taff, distribution chief of Disney, did admit that although a lot of expectation has been placed over the sequel and that there’s, ‘High bar’. But she’s still positive about the movie and is confident about it too.

And according to her, “We can’t open to a number this big without everybody coming out to see it. We’re looking forward to a good run through the holiday’s given kids are going to start getting out of school this next week.” Well, “expectations are toxics” and “Positivity can change everything” are at war here!

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