Firefox promises that Notifications prompts won’t be annoying anymore from January 2020

Mozilla Firefox has announced that it will be hiding all unnecessary notification prompts from the users. In its new version, 72 Mozilla Firefox will be relieving all its users from the constant irritating notification prompt popping up on every single site while surfing on the Internet.

While searching for something or surfing on the Internet, you often come across a site that shows you a pop-up notification for whether you want to allow or block their notifications and updates. And these notifications are very annoying and unpopular among the users, according to the research conducted by Firefox.

According to the research and survey conducted by the Company, these push notifications are often ignored and mostly avoided by the users. Around 99 percent of such notifications are ignored, and 60 percent of which are denied by the users. And by repeatedly trying to display such notification doesn’t make the users blink their eye.

Although such notification prompts are a convenient way for the various sites to share their updates with the users even after they have exited that site or page. But rather than being a convenient way for users to share information, these notification are more like a pain. These sites are also a means to plant adware and malware in someone’s computer by scammers online.

Well, there are a lot of websites online on the Internet that asks you to subscribe to their notification to get access to the content. And sometimes, they try to deliver you with spam and malicious notification and messages with the motive of extracting money from the users and trying to get their personal information to abuse for their use. A lot of phishing ads, adult content, and other scamming are also done through these sites while compelling the users to opt for the ‘Allow’ option to get access to their content.

But all this has come to an end. Firefox has decided to let the users decide whether they even want to view the notification itself or not. And the good thing about this change is that the users won’t have to wait till January 2020 to get their hands on this feature and wait for the updated version of Mozilla Firefox to take a breath of relief. Yup, you have read it right!

Users can even have this option in the current version 70 of Mozilla Firefox. How? As Firefox has removed the option of ‘Not now’ and has replaced it with a ‘Never allow’ option. So now, all users can get rid of those annoying notification by clicking on the ‘Never allow’ option. And by doing so, the users won’t get bombarded repeatedly with those annoying notification prompts.

While in version 72 of Firefox that is about to arrive in January 2020, the option to block all these notification prompts would be in the form of a tiny icon on the URL bar of the browser. And users will have to opt for the option to block all the notifications by default.

However, Firefox is first to take such an initiative to block unnecessary notification prompts as a default setting upon the choice of the customer. And Google will be allowing such settings for its users very soon on a default basis as it is currently experimenting with the Chrome browser to make the notification prompt less visible for the users.

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