Facebook to get an exclusive news tab by the end of this month!

Until now, all of us have been using Facebook to socialize and make new friends, uploading photos, videos, and many more. We have also come across many useful videos on Facebook. However, not many would know that Facebook is going to introduce an exclusive news tab very soon. Yes, you heard it right. The socializing platform wishes to keep its viewers updated with the latest news around.

News Corp has worked it out to allow Facebook to publish news from various news outlets in its exclusive news section.

According to reports from the Wall Street Journal, Facebook has discussed the licensing fees and all other important aspects with the WSJ, the New York Post, the Washington Post, BuzzFeed News, and Business Insider. The payment details were also worked out and finalized. WSJ says that all of the news stories would not be free of cost – they are going to be charged accordingly.

Earlier in the year, WSJ had struck a deal with Apple Inc to provide news stories for its news feed – Apple News Plus. However, not all news firms stated above were involved in the Apple deal.

An insider from the WSJ reportedly said that approximately 200 news outlets would be involved, although not all of them would be paid. However, the top news firms would be getting paid handsomely – they could be making about millions of dollars yearly for providing news stories and articles to Facebook.

How can you get to read the news on Facebook?

WSJ has stated that human editors, as well as algorithms, would be jointly involved in providing the best news feed daily to Facebook viewers. A few selective headlines would be created and edited by the editorial team, while the remaining would be done with the help of algorithms. The “Top News” section would contain approximately 10 headlines, all chosen by human editors. Also, there would be various other subsections like sports, entertainment as well as a “suggested for you” section. The algorithm would choose the details for all these sections.

Also, there will not be any kind of advertisements displayed in the news section. With a huge amount of money involved, this dedicated news section on Facebook could appear by the end of this month.

The decision to include a news tab is not something spontaneous. Earlier this year, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg had stated that he was quite keen on adding a separate news section to the Facebook site as well as application. He had said sometime back in April that it was quite essential for him to provide viewers with trustworthy and useful news information. And this could be achieved by having a news section on Facebook. He also wants to provide solutions to journalists worldwide, such that it would be useful for them in terms of their work.

Zuckerberg also feels that people would wish to see high-quality news on Facebook. He is quite excited at the opportunity to include award-winning journalism from the WSJ and various other US New Corp properties in the Facebook news section.

In the past, Facebook had run into trouble for encouraging the spread of incorrect information. It was quite an issue as many people were dependent on it to get news information. With Apple News Plus launched in March, Facebook is now all set to give it some tough competition as this is based on similar lines.

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