Analyst predicts: iPad could get hard-core gaming capability with mouse support

Analysts predict that Apple iPad could get some hard-core gaming support. If Apple does decide to incorporate mouse support as a main feature in the iPad, then it will definitely change iPad gaming. Apple arcade is quite popular with families, kids and casual gamers. But Apple seems to have a different plan to get the attention of hard core gamers. If they succeed at perfecting this feature, then the iPad will be able to offer the full gaming experience!

The mouse support was only recently made available for iPad in the fall. But the company is planning to add full mouse support in the future to make it a productive gaming platform says Cliff Maldonado founder of BayStreet research which performs market research on smartwatches, smartphones and tablets. He also adds that Apple is attempting to make the iPad as good and powerful as the MacBook.

For the first time, iPad iOS allows a mouse or a trackpad to control the iPad, but for now, it has been built as an accessibility feature and is well hidden. Apple has acknowledged the feedback it received about this feature and many people seem to enjoy it. Perhaps, you can expect a better improved and a savvier version of it soon in the near future where you will have easier access to it.

The gaming world consists of three types of gaming- PC games, console games and then you have mobile games. Apple can actually implement the feature and venture into PC games. They have the chips for it (pun intended!), if they are moving forward with this feature, then this will be their first foray into hard core gaming stated Maldonado. Apple arcade was Apple’s biggest venture into gaming, but the mouse feature will just be taking it to a whole different level.

Apple’s focus has always been on its customers and developers; if they decide to shift to hardcore games with mouse support, then it would give them more benefits and opportunities according to Maldonado, the principal analyst of BayStreet. Plus, the addition of a full-fledged keyboard with mouse support will only fuel the competitive edge in gamers. We also know that Microsoft and Razor are working to develop keyboard and mouse support for Xbox One. Therefore they could also authorize the use of these in place of traditional controllers.

If these features do come into play, then the iPad would turn into a full productivity platform with the potential to replace laptops with tablets, keyboards and mouse. In fact, Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, has also stated that Apple isn’t afraid to cannibalize its own products. This will only make the iPad more compatible with the Microsoft Office suite and G suite tools, according to Maldonado.

iPad starts at $329, imagine this with mouse support; this can potentially compete with Google’s Chromebooks which are basically popular as low-cost PCs because they would be in the same price ranges. Just in the past two years, Apple has re-designed its iPads and iPad pros, which led to the strongest growth of sales ever recorded in the last six years during the first three months of 2019.

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